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Homosexuality - ScienceDaily Although homosexuality does not appear to be adaptive from an evolutionary standpoint, because homosexual sex does not produce children, there is evidence ... No Ben Carson, Homosexuality Is Not a Choice - Time Magazine Mar 5, 2015 ... No, Dr. Carson, it's not a choice. ... Something similar was true in a less enlightened era of gay men and women who were forced to marry ... 2 Genes Have Been Identified That May Predispose Men to Being Gay ... Dec 9, 2017 ... Still, no one had found a specific gene, much less two, that might produce ... yet more evidence that sexual orientation is not a 'lifestyle choice.'”. Gay Rights: Choice vs. Nature? | Issue 48 | Philosophy Now

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USA - If being gay is a choice, so what? (Alasdair Denvil) One of the biggest areas of debate in the discussion of gay rights is the issue of why people are gay: is it a choice, or is it genetic? Or is it somehow s Julie Bindel: Sexual desire is a social construct | World news Julie Bindel: Attempts to identify a genetic basis for homosexuality refuse to accept that sexual desire is a social construct. Submit Your Pflag Chapter for Inclusion on Our Safe Chapters 2. If this chapter invites guest speakers to present evidence for the existence of a "gay gene," then (1) will the chapter also make it clear that not all lesbian, gay, transgendered or bisexual people believe or wish to believe that a "gay … Rep. Lankford: Being Gay Is A 'Behavior' & 'Choice Issue

Can you be gay by choice? | Practical Ethics Gay-rights advocate: Listen, the evidence shows that being gay is not a choice. Those poor people are probably really gay at heart, but are denying their true natures and simply acting in accordance with the strictures of a heterosexual lifestyle out of shame and pressure from social conservatives such as you. The Real Story on Gay Genes | Whether or not a gay gene, a set of gay genes, or some other biological mechanism is ever found, one thing is clear: The environment a child grows up in has nothing to do with what makes most gay men gay. Two of the most convincing studies have proved conclusively that sexual orientation in men has a genetic cause. QF0406-001.doc 040106 Page 1 of 3 - Queer Foundation Curiosity does not make you homosexual! About 75% of people who took survey's believe that there is a such thing as a "gay gene." Although, of that 75%, 25% did not know what a "gay gene" was. 42% of the people who took the surveys felt strongly that there was a reason for homosexual behavior whether it be innate or not. 12% of the

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The question of whether homosexuality is a choice remains on the front lines of criticisms, as many in common society believe one chooses to be lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB). However, 40 years of study indicates homosexuality is not a … Is Being Gay a Choice? A lot of people ask if being gay is a choice, and most people and psychologists agree that sexual orientation is not something you can choose or change. Whether It’s a ‘Choiceor Not Is Irrelevant - The Gay Is homosexuality a choice or a biological imperative? The debate rages as science looks for an explanation, and many gay people applaud each new study that points to a biological cause. Newt Gingrich on whether or not being gay is a choice - YouTube

The jury's still out on that one. They have yet to prove it's genetic. I personally believe it's a choice but everyone has different beliefs.

A recent article argued that sexuality is down to choice, not genetics. But the scientific evidence says otherwise, and points to a strong biological origin Is Being Gay a Choice? - LiveAbout A lot of people ask if being gay is a choice, and most people and psychologists agree that sexual orientation is not something you can choose or change. Homosexuality - Wikipedia Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality is "an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions" to people of the same sex. It "also refers to a person's sense of identity based on those attractions, related ...

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